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Introducing Hue Lights and S4 Hue

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Hue Lights are brilliant lights that can be put into any light sockets anywhere around the house and can be instantly controlled  and set to millions of colour moods and switched from anywhere with WiFi access.

S4 Hue is a brilliant iPad app that gives instant access and enables you to control the Hue Lights in a number of modes with large touch switches on your iPad.

S4 Hue is designed for very easy access for people with limited dexterity and learning difficulties.

S4 Hue is a wonderful tool for learning about colour and understanding cause and effect and great fun for experimentation.

S4 Hue uses the same protocols as the Switch4 app designed to control all Mike Ayres Design Sensory Equipment

Hue Lights and S4 Hue gives you absolute control over the colour and mood of the space in Sensory Rooms, relaxation rooms and chillout spaces as well as all around you home.

S4 Hue App

See the S4 Hue App in action!

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S4 Hue App Icon
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