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Its flexibility


Its flexibility

The Switch4 app is so much more than a controller, and you can do everything with just a tap of the screen.

  • The iPad becomes what you see on the screen
  • It's one giant switch, or any number of switches that you choose
  • The switches can be any colour you want, or in any order
  • You can go straight to a piece of equipment and its default programme and use it
  • You can fine-tune the programmes and settings of any piece of equipment
  • You can select a different range of equipment for each room (if you have more than one room)
  • You can select equipment and individual settings for individual users and change and save those settings
  • You can make notes and prompts for room settings and individual users and e-mail them to anyone
  • The latest settings and notes will automatically update to all other iPads that are used in the room
  • ...and much, much more will be added to the app as we continue to develop equipment and the app