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Questions and Answers

You may have some questions about our Switch4 app, here you will find some answers and if you don't find what you're looking for please contact us for help.

Are there instructions?

YES. Touch the i button at the bottom of the screen and notes and instructions will appear.
The arrows on the right of some notes lead you to more detailed information.
Touch the blue ‘Close’ button to get back to the app.
This works in every screen except when it is a switch or switches. (after you touch ‘Go’)

Can I only use the Switch4 app with Mike Ayres Design equipment?
YES. The app and all codes are specific to our control system. We are updating existing equipment and working on new products all the time and everything will become app friendly.
Can I use the app with existing Switch2 controls and equipment?
YES. But some will need software updates and we can only do that with equipment that has been manufactured since mid 2010
Can I use the switch4 app with any other sensory equipment?
You cannot use the app with any other company’s equipment that has internal controls (eg. Bubble Tubes, interactive and programmed equipment etc.) However you can use any equipment that will work when plugged into a Switch2 control unit (such as a projector, spotlights, passive Bubble Tubes, fibre optic lights, etc.).
How do I get back into the programming part of the app, when I am in the ‘Switch’ view?

The ‘Switch’ view of the app is locked so that the user cannot accidently go back and change the settings and get confused by the changing screen.

Touch the two dots at the top of the screen for about a second and the screen will go back to the previous view.

How do I get out of fullscreen mode?

Press and hold on the two dots on either side of the top bar for about half a second.

How do I get the Switch4 Studio app onto my Mac Mini?

a. Connect a screen and keyboard to the Mac mini and download the Switch4 Studio app from the Mac App Store.
or b. Screen share the Mac Mini with another desktop computer or Mac and then download the app.

You will need to do this to update the app from time to time.

How do I get to a specific piece of equipment?

It’s simple!

  • A. On opening the app, go straight to the ‘Equipment Library’, scroll up or down to find the piece of equipment that you want, touch it and it goes into its programming screen.
    It will have a default programme, so just touch the ‘Go’ button and the switch appears and you can start interacting with that piece of equipment immediately.
    If you want to change any settings for that piece of equipment, do this before touching the ‘Go’ button.
  • or
  • B. When you are in a room, touch the ‘All equipment in the room’ button to get to the equipment that is in that specific room, then follow the same procedure as above (A)...
  • or
  • C. Touch the individual ‘setup’ button to reveal the equipment in that setup and follow the same procedure once again.
How do I make a Setup within a room?

When you touch the room button on the opening page of the app, a text box will appear on the right side of the screen.
Touch within the text box and the keyboard will pop up.
Type the title of your Scene or the person it is for, then press ‘Go.’
It will appear in the ‘Setups’ box.
Touch the yellow button and a popup menu will appear.
Select ‘Add or remove items’ and a window with all of the equipment in your room appears.
Select the pieces that you want for this particular Setup and press ‘Save.’
Set each piece of equipment to the programmes that you want.
That’s it.
When you change to another window in the app it will ask you if you want to save the Setup changes that you have made. Touch ‘Yes’

How do I make notes?

Notes are only available in the Switch4 Studio app (via a Mac Mini).
They will appear when you go into a room setup.
Touch the + button at the bottom of the note page and the keyboard will pop up and the date and time will appear at the top of the page.
Write your note.
Save it by touching the blue button.
Each time you write a new note, the date and time will appear for that note.
You can delete, edit and email notes to anyone.

Email notes to yourself so your can save them as a document.

How do I start using the Switch4 Hue app?

If you already purchased a Hue Connected Bulb Starter Kit and have followed the instructions, then you’re good to go! The app communicates with the Bridge device to discover and control lights.

How do I stop different screens and other app appearing while I am using the Switch4 app?

You may experience another screen appearing, seemingly from nowhere, so how do you stop this from happening?
If you put your whole hand on the screen or four fingers and slide them across, you are activating the ‘Multi-tasking Gestures’
To stop this happening, you need to switch them off.
Go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’ and then scroll down to ‘Multi-tasking Gestures’ and switch it off.

How do I update my apps?

On the iPad. – iTunes will notify you when apps have updates and you can do this directly on the iPad or by connecting to iTunes.

On the Mac Mini. – Connect a screen and keyboard to the Mac Mini or screen share with another machine and find updates in this way.

How many lights can I control with Switch4 Hue app?

The app will display all lights attached to your Bridge device (up to 50 lights) though in switching mode, a maximum of 8 lights can be controlled at once. Note however, that every available light is included in the ‘All Lights’ group and may be assigned to one of the 8 switches.

What are ‘Setups’ in the room?

You create setups within the rooms to allow you to programme specific equipment and scenarios for individual users or themes or lessons. Once you have created a setup, you can save it and access it at any time and all the equipment will be set as it was before. You can change and save setups at any time.

You can have any number of setups in a room.

What are rooms?
Rooms are created when we install your actual room or rooms, or when you buy a Sensory Trolley. You can have a number of rooms and have specific equipment in each room. The app will recognise the room when your iPad comes within range of its Wi-Fi base unit.
What can I do to get help or have a problem with the app or equipment?

Just touch the ? at the bottom of the screen and either email us or visit the support page on the Switch4 website.

What does ‘Bridge not found’ mean?

It means the app cannot communicate with the Bridge. Check that your iPad is connected to the same network as the Bridge device. For most home users the Bridge should be plugged directly into the wireless router via an ethernet cable and the iPad should join via WiFi. For more information, see the instructions that came with your Starter Kit.

What is the ‘Equipment Library’?
The Equipment Library contains all of the Mike Ayres Design equipment that can be controlled with the Switch4 app.
What is the difference between the Switch4 iPad app and the Switch4 Studio app?

The Switch4 iPad app enables you to control equipment from your iPad. (Buy it in iTunes App Store.) It will work with just the Wi-Fi base unit and talk directly to Mike Ayres Design equipment. You do not need any other interface, but there are some limits to what you can do with the app.

The Switch4 Studio app must be downloaded onto a Mac Mini. (Buy it from the Mac App Store.) It functions as a server, storing and sending information between all your iPads and connecting to the internet, as well as accommodating all future updates and developments.

What is the yellow button in Rooms and Setups?

Touch the yellow buttons to show a dropdown menu that enables you to add, delete, email notes, reset equipment and switch equipment off.
The yellow button in the Rooms section will turn green when you are connected to the Wi-Fi base units network.

Where can I get more information about Hue?

A good place to start is http://meethue.com

Where can I get the S4 App

You can download it for free from iTunes by following this link

Why do I need the Switch4 Wi-Fi base unit?
The Wi-Fi base unit sends and receives signals to your iPads and the Mac Mini (if you have the ‘Studio’ app) and translates those into FM, serial, DMX and any other sort of signal that we need to send to individual pieces of equipment to make them work. It is programmed specifically for our system.